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PQ Library Membership – KESWiN™ Academy

PQ Library Membership is a low-cost monthly subscription to access our PQ Library Guides, Courses, Articles, Tools and Resources.  In other words, it is an affordable starting point for Your Transformative Journey.  As a member, you can self-drive your quests to successful authorship and entrepreneurship.

Introduction to PQ Library Membership

As a result of joining as a member, you get full access to the PQ Library area of KESWiN™ Academy.  This is a low-cost, full resource center for self-driven entrepreneurs.  For that reason, it’s ideal if you don’t require the support or interaction with our friendly community and trainers.  Scroll down the page for full details about the PQ Library Membership.

Note:  When you click on the [Join Now] link you will be redirected to our sibling website for registration and payment.  Payment will be in US dollars, for a monthly subscription of US$9.90 + tax if applicable.  The price listed here on KESWiN Publishing’s website is indicative only, as it’s converted into New Zealand Dollars.

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