Terms of Trade

First Consultation Meeting

This is an up-front fee, payable in advance of the meeting. We prefer to meet at your business premises (if you are based in Christchurch).  If you are outside of Christchurch, we will meet at our online meeting room (with webcam).

First Consultation Meeting Fee is normally 90 minutes, with a fee of NZ$250.00.  For New Zealand residents and businesses 15% GST is added to the fee.

If any follow-up reporting, research, or proposal work is required, this will be charged on a time and materials basis.  Our hourly rate and payment terms (i.e. deposit with milestone payments and balance) will be discussed at the end of meeting, or prior to follow-up work commencing.

Contract Clients

KESWiN Publishing Ltd’s services can be contracted on a long term basis, with a monthly retainer fee.  Payment is via Stripe or Paypal direct debit subscription, or automatic payment from your New Zealand bank account (subject to approval).  We have different packages to suit your needs, and will discuss this with you during the consultative process.  For specific details of your package, please refer to your fixed term contract.

Non-Contract Clients

KESWiN Publishing Ltd’s Services that are provided on an ad-hoc basis are charged on a time and materials basis.  A deposit is required before work commences, with milestone and balance payments on a COD term.

Cancellation of Services

The client must provide written notice of the cancellation of any scheduled services, including fixed term contracts. Notice given by email is acceptable.  KESWiN Publishing Ltd reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee, equal to a percentage of the fee agreed between the parties when the work/contract was confirmed.

Acceptance, Renewal, and Cancellation of Contracts

  • Acceptance of a contract with scheduled payments is deemed affirmed and agreed to when the first invoice is paid.
  • Cancellation of contracts with renewable term (i.e. 12 months, 24 months, etc.) must be given in writing no less than 30 days before the term expires.
  • If the client wishes to terminate the contract prior to the end of the term, notice will be required in writing, together with full payment for the balance of monthly payments for the remainder of the fixed term.
  • If no written notification is received 30 days before the end of the fixed term, it is deemed that the client wishes to renew the contract for an additional term of the same length.
  • Once renewal is established, rates will need to be set for the next term.
  • The process of cancellation and removal or transfer of any assets or intellectual property belonging to KESWiN Publishing Ltd will occur in the last 30 days.
  • Cancelled, failed, or reversed payments do not constitute cancellation, and will be treated as non-payment.

Cancellation of Non-Contract (Ad-hoc) Scheduled Services

Cancellation of scheduled services for non-contract clients must be in writing (email is acceptable).  KESWiN Publishing Ltd reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee, equal to a percentage of the fee agreed between the parties when the work schedule was confirmed.

Notice period and cancellation fees
0-7 days:           100%
8-14 days:           75%
15-21 days:         50%
22-29 days:         25%

Non-Payment of Contracts

  • Non-payment is deemed to have occurred if payments are missed or are reversed.
  • In this event KESWiN Publishing Ltd reserves the right to suspend any service provided under this
    Agreement until such time as payment is made in full.
  • KESWiN Publishing Ltd will not make any refund or credit for any days during which any service was
  • In the the event of non-payment, KESWiN Publishing Ltd reserves the right to remove any or all items provided under this contract and/or cancel without notice any service provided under this agreement.
  • The Client will be liable for any costs associated with non-payment, including collection costs, and/or enforcement of monies due, including legal costs on a solicitor/client basis.

Overdue and/or Non-Payment of Non-Contract Services

If any money remains unpaid we will stop providing our services, and charge administration fees, debt collection fees, and legal fees on a solicitor/client basis.  We also reserve the right to charge daily interest at our bank’s current business overdraft interest on any monies not paid.

Sorry, No Credit Accounts

We do not wish to offend you, so please do not ask for a credit account.

We are not a financial institution, and therefore cannot provide you with credit.  We expect our invoices to be paid when issued.  If you have a limited budget, then please discuss this with us prior to engaging our services.  We have affordable training and coaching options, and this may suit you better than hiring us to do the work for you.

These terms and conditions of trade were updated 10 January 2020.

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