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Christchurch Books are published by KESWiN Publishing Ltd.  They document the city’s transformation throughout history.  Titles include the best-selling Christchurch Then and Now series, Responders and many others.

We also publish self-publishing guide books, as well as offer publishing services and author mentoring.

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Welcome to KESWiN Publishing

KESWiN Publishing Ltd is the home of Christchurch Books, as well as self-publishing guides, services and author mentoring.  We are an independent publisher based in Christchurch, New Zealand. 

As well as being passionate about documenting transformative journeys, we love helping non-fiction self-publishers and solo business owners build and market their unique and authentic brands.

The story of

Deb Donnell

KESWiN Publishing was founded in 2006 by indie publisher, Deb Donnell.  Her first book was written in the cafes of Canterbury, reflecting on growing up and living in the region.

However, Deb did not get serious about publishing until 2011.  Like so many survivors from the Central Business District, the February 2011 Christchurch Earthquake was a life changing experience.  In the days that followed the devastating event, Deb made a decision to not only tell her story, but also to help the crush injured survivors and trained volunteers who answered the city’s cry for help.

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Best Selling Books

Best Selling Christchurch Books

Christchurch 3rd Edition

Christchurch 4th Edition

Telling your story through books is the best legacy you can create and share with others.

Deb Donnell, Author, Publisher, Book Shepherd
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