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KESWiN Publishing Ltd is a privately owned independent publishing company in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Our non-fiction publications focus on inspiring and documenting transformative journeys. These help the reader to make major changes in their personal, business or work lives in order to achieve their goals.

Our core values are knowledge, experience, skill-sets, wisdom, ideas and narratives. These make up the acronym: KESWiN.

Deb Donnell, Publisher
The story of

KESWiN Publishing

The company was founded by Deb Donnell in 2003 and incorporated in 2006.  The original vision for the company was to produce books and publications on personal development and self-publishing.

However, this all changed on 22 February 2011.  The devastation of the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes in Christchurch, New Zealand had a huge impact on Deb.  As a result, she made a commitment to also publish books that documented the city’s transformative journey.  These included:

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Deb Donnell starts her publishing career as an editorial assistant for an independent travel guidebook publisher in the United Kingdom.

Now living in New Zealand, Deb establishes her indie publishing company, Jade Eagle Publications and releases her first two titles.

Jade Eagle Publications changes its name to KESWiN Publishing and is incorporated as a limited liability company.

The company, in a joint venture with a US based company, mentors non-writers through the authorship and online marketing process.

The Christchurch earthquake causes extensive damage to the city.  Deb documents and shares the journey online via social media.

Cafe Reflections:  Christchurch City 1975-2012 is published.  Portion of sales donated to the Christchurch Earthquake Survivors Trust. 

Deb works with the New Zealand Response Teams to publish Responders, the Christchurch Earthquake deployments.

At the request of local book sellers, Deb publishes the first edition of the Christchurch, Then and Now series.  It is an instant best seller.

KESWiN Publishing has produced four best sellers in the Christchurch Books range.  Other titles include personal development and self-publishing guides. 

New titles are being added over time. 

Deb Donnell and her company also offers publishing services and mentoring to non-fiction authors. 

Best Selling Christchurch Books

Christchurch 3rd Edition

Christchurch 4th Edition

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