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WordPress developer and Managed VPS Hosting services.  We manage WordPress for authors, thought leaders and small businesses.  We have used WordPress as our online publishing platform since 2009.  As a result, we have the experience to design, build, manage, and host secure websites for clients.  Moreover, members of KESWiN™ Academy learn all about self-hosted WordPress so that they can build a passion-based authoritative business.

“34% of the web uses WordPress, from hobby blogs to the biggest news sites online.” —WordPress.org

VPS WordPress Hosting (Self-Hosted)Although WordPress is easy software to use, it takes a lot of know-how and expertise to build a secure site that ranks highly with the search engines.  Because of this, a lot of WordPress developers haven’t done deep-dive research.  As a result, they cut corners, choose insecure hosting options for clients, or ignore industry standards.  Consequently, their clients’ websites are slow, insecure, and rank poorly with Google and other search engines.

Most WordPress developers are tech focused.  They do not understand how important original, quality content is for both the Search Engine and human visitors.  In fact, many techs love to build things, but hate maintaining them.  So once your site is live, they quickly move onto the next one.

Think Like a Publisher, Not a Techie

At KESWiN™ Publishing, we know that our clients goal is to build an authoritative presence online.  For instance, they want to be thought leaders.  Or they want to be the go-to authority in their industry.  Alternatively, they want to share their expertise through publishing.  Therefore we understand that authoritative websites are the digital form of book and magazine publishing.  So this means you need to produce original, quality content on a regular basis.  Most importantly, you need to think like a publisher not just use a  WordPress developer.  In other words, think strategically about your website in terms of an authoritative publication.

Therefore, we only work with clients who understand that owning a website is a long-term commitment and are wanting to build their authorship online.

Our WordPress Developer Services include Your Publishing Strategy Plan


Existing website? Audits provide you with easy to understand information. As a result, you can keep your WordPress team accountable. In short, a better ROI for your online publishing projects. Contact us to discuss auditing your website now.

WordPress VPS Hosting Managed Services

Secure and Stable WordPress Hosting requires in-depth expertise. It also needs a team who cares about your website as if it were there own. We take a proactive, hands-on approach to WordPress Hosting. Learn more about our Managed Service.

Design and Strategy

The design process includes learning about you and your plans for authorship. We help you to choose a niche and do keyword research to ensure it is viable. Then we work together to develop your content marketing strategy, branding, and user experience (UX) design.

Build and Manage

This is the technical part of developing your website. We install the WordPress software on a self-hosted virtual private server. This gives you optimum security at an affordable price. Then we build the site for desired functionality. Finally, we manage and regularly maintain it for you.

Publish and Share

Once your website is live, we help you to create original, quality content for your visitors. In other words, we holistically search engine optimise all the posts, pages, products, images, links, etc. We then help you distribute it to your social media audience, email lists, and other channels.

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