Christchurch 2014 Then and Now Book
Christchurch 2014 (Then and Now) Print Book – LAST COPY!

How does Christchurch look three years after the devastating earthquakes? What did it look like before the central business district was demolished?

Christchurch, NZ: Comparing pre-earthquakes to 2014 is a 40 page full colour tour of the city. Photographs that were taken before the 22 February 2011 earthquake, and updated from the same location in 2014, show then and now.

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Christchurch 2015 Comparison Book
Christchurch 2015 Edition – Print on Demand Coming Soon


Christchurch and Canterbury are now in the 5th anniversary year of their earthquakes. The region is changing on an almost daily basis, with vacant spaces now having new buildings being constructed on them.

Christchurch, NZ: 2015 Edition takes the reader on a full colour tour of the city and outlying towns, comparing photographs taken before the 2011 earthquake, and updated from the same locations in 2015. It has 56 pages and 85% of the updated images and pre-earthquake comparisons are new.


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Christchurch 3rd edition book
Christchurch 3rd Edition Book

Christchurch and Canterbury are now in the 7th year of experiencing significant natural disasters, including earthquakes, wildfires and floods. The region is changing with each disaster. The cities and towns are being rebuilt, and significant landmarks are reopening after extensive repairs. The Kaikoura Earthquake in 2016 dramatically changed the geographic layout of the South Island forever.

Christchurch 3rd Edition book takes the reader on a full colour tour of Christchurch CBD, New Brighton, residential red zone, the Port Hills, Sumner, Lyttelton, Darfield, Kaiapoi, Rangiora, and Kaikoura. The book has comparison photographs taken before and after the disasters, and updated from the same locations in 2017. It has 64 pages and 90% of the 155 images are new  to the series.

Order your copy now to add to your Christchurch memorabilia collection, or to gift to loved ones who are following the region’s transformative journey.

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Creating Published Diamonds Book
Creating Published Diamonds

Share your valuable rough diamond legacy. A natural diamond is forever. A quality book comes very close.

If you have a story to tell, or knowledge to share, Creating Published Diamonds will provide an easy to follow introduction on how to create a legacy that will make you immortal.

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Keswin Publishing Responders Christchurch Earthquake Book
Responders: Christchurch Earthquake

The New Zealand Response Teams are volunteer groups trained to professional standards as an emergency resource that can complement or support everyday emergency services if they are overwhelmed to their normal capabilities. The 22 February 2011 was more than just an every day emergency. All seventeen registered teams were deployed to come and help Christchurch in its time of need.

Responders tells the story of the NZ-RT Community’s first time in history where their skills were needed at one event, through private collection photographs and personal accounts of the teams and individuals involved.

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