Hire KESWiN Publishing Services for all facets of writing, editing, and publishing.  We can help you create non-fiction content so you can share what makes your heart sing.

Our clients use our skills and know-how for projects of all sizes, from short articles, social media marketing, website pages, and newsletters, through to major projects like building new websites, membership communities, training courses, manuals and non-fiction books.  View our full list of services here.

How We Work With You

We prefer to build long term relationships with our clients, as we work best as an integral part of your team.  When you partner with us to develop and deliver your content marketing strategy, you can be assured that your authority brand growth and success is as important to us as it is to you.

In order to create a valuable win/win relationship, we need to be selective about who we work with.  We want to make sure we are a good match.  This means we may take some time getting to know each other before we begin working together.

Prospective Clients

We meet prospective clients with a consultative approach.  This allows us to get to know your business, including your values and purpose, how your company operates, and your long-term vision.  Once we both agree we could be a good fit, we will follow-up with additional meetings to fully understand you and your company, and for you to understand how we work.

Content Marketing Strategists

We prefer to become your Content Marketing Strategists.  This means we develop and deliver your online and offline marketing campaigns to build your brand expertise in the marketplace.  You focus on serving your customers through your products and services.

Please note: Content for your marketing is gathered through interviews with you, or you can supply us with rough drafts.  We can procure images on your behalf, or arrange for your business premises, team members, and products to be photographed by one of professional photographers. 

Share Your Expertise

We encourage you to write how-to or info books, or develop online training courses to build your authority with your target market.  This adds to your brand credibility and expertise, and creates an income stream for your business.  We can assist with setting up the automated sales funnels, and advise where any paid marketing should be focused.

Where applicable, we help you build a member only area on your website, and can train you and your team on how to manage and maintain it. We can produce member only training videos, manuals and workbooks to enhance your member’s experiences.

Build Your Brand with Our Help

Hire KESWiN Publishing Services to supply everything you need to build your authority brand.  We can also work with your existing suppliers to make sure that you are getting the best return on your investments.

Give us a call now to discuss how we can work together.

Please note:  Your existing infrastructure, such as email/newsletter marketing channels, website hosting, etc. may not meet our security standards.  In order to identify this, we will need to carry out an infrastructure security audit before proceeding with some services.  If your existing supply does not meet our criteria, we will discuss this with you, or on your behalf, with them.  It is possible we will recommend moving across to our approved infrastructure suppliers.

Terms of Trade

First Consultation Meeting

This is an up-front fee, payable in advance of the meeting.  We prefer to meet at your business premises (if you are based in Christchurch).  If you are outside of Christchurch, we will meet at our online meeting room (with webcam).

First Consultation Meeting Fee is normally 90 minutes, with a fee of NZ$250.00. For New Zealand residents and businesses 15% GST is added to the fee.

If any follow-up reporting, research, or proposal work is required, this will be charged on a time and materials basis.  Our hourly rate and payment terms (i.e. deposit with milestone payments and balance) will be discussed at the end of meeting, or prior to follow-up ad-hoc work or a fixed term contract commencing.

Please read our full terms of trade in our Terms, Policies, Disclaimers section.

Contract Clients

KESWiN Publishing Ltd’s services can be contracted on a long term basis, with a monthly retainer fee, payable as a subscription direct debit via Stripe or Paypal, or automatic payment from your bank account.  We have different packages to suit your needs, and will discuss this with you during the consultative process.

Non-Contract Clients

KESWiN Publishing Ltd’s Services that are provided on an ad-hoc basis are charged on a time and materials basis.  A deposit is required before work commences, with milestone and balance payments on a COD term.

Sorry, No Credit Accounts

We do not wish to offend you, so please do not ask for a credit account.

We are not a financial institution, and therefore cannot provide you with credit.  We expect our invoices to be paid when issued.  If you have a limited budget, then please discuss this with us prior to engaging our services.  We have affordable training options, and this may suit you better than hiring us.

NOTE: If any money remains unpaid we will stop providing our services, and charge administration fees, debt collection fees, and legal fees on a solicitor/client basis.  We also reserve the right to charge daily interest at our bank’s current business overdraft interest on any monies not paid.