Writing Quality Content and Books

“Writing means sharing. It’s part of the human condition to want to share things – thoughts, ideas, opinions”
—Paulo Coelho

Writing quality content and books begins with investing time to clarify your thoughts, ideas, and opinions.

Therefore, we encourage all our clients to invest a chunk of time each day to practice putting words on paper.  This helps you to clarify what message you want to convey to the reader.  Also, it helps our writers because you have given us a clear brief to work from.

Essentially, the writing services we offer are really “re-writing services”.  Firstly, you provide us with the research and/or raw written material (or the rough diamond).  Then it is our job to shape, cut, and polish your writing gem for you.

Alternatively, for clients who prefer not to, or are unable to invest time in daily practice, we work through a different process.  Firstly, we spend time in meetings, and/or conduct Q&A interviews.  This enables us to capture the message you want to share, and in a way that provides a good facsimile of how you communicate (your voice).  The next step is to use the material from the interviews to write the content you require.

Both of these methods are charged on a time and materials basis.  Therefore it is hard for us to give you quotes, or even estimates, of the work.  Because of this reason, we prefer to work on a long-term relationship basis with clients who hire us for writing quality content.

Note: When you hire us to re-write content for you, you own the copyright, and all credits for the published content to go you, or your company.

Writing Services

    • Re-Writing
    • Q&A Interviews
    • Research
    • Coaching
    • Consulting
    • Mentoring

Writing Training

We provide workshops (in-house, offline, and online) and training programmes to help you and your team to develop and improve your written communication skills.

Writing Contracts

You can engage our writers for one-off, short-term, and long-term contracts to help you and your team produce gem-quality content.

Hire us for Writing Quality Content

“Aim to be writing quality content that has a AAA Grade.  This means it’s Authentic, Authoritative, and Awesome.”

—Deb Donnell, Founder, KESWiN Publishing Ltd and KESWiN Academy

Our mission at KESWiN Publishing Services is to empower you to become a leading authority of the content you create.  In order for this to happen, you must write authentic, unique, and original content.

Our writers cannot mind-read, nor can they clone themselves to think and communicate like you. So it is important that you are willing to spend time providing us with clarity about the message and content you want to create. If you have created some rough written diamonds, then contact us now to discuss how we can transform them into published diamonds for you.

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