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KESWiN Publishing Ltd is based in Christchurch, New Zealand.  Our mission is to inspire and document transformative journeys through non-fiction publications, publishing services, and writing training.

What is a transformative journey?

It is the process of major change in something or someone, especially in a way that makes it or them better.

Because we lived through the 2010 and 2011 Christchurch Earthquakes, we have invested in documenting the history of the region.  As a result, we have published a number of print books which focus on the impact of the disasters.  These are available through our online store, or from New Zealand retailers.

KESWiN Publishing Media, Insights, Articles

Our blog includes articles, reflections, images, and media releases focusing on the transformation of Christchurch and outlying towns.  In addition, it provides you with a wealth of insights and articles on the heroic journey of non-fiction authorship.  Furthermore, you can stay updated by subscribing to our newsletter.  Also, you can like and follow us on Facebook.

Christchurch Books

Christchurch 2017 Then Now BookOur Christchurch books document the transformative journey of the city before, during, and after the Earthquakes. Titles include:

  • Responders
  • Christchurch Then and Now

Follow our city’s journey.

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Publishing Services

Engage our publishing services to build your brand authority.  Our services include writing, editing, book production, website development and hosting, SEO content marketing, project management, and lots more.

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KESWiN™ Academy

KESWiN Publishing Author TrainingJoin our training academy for non-fiction authors.  Develop your writing skills and then build your passion-based business with the support and guidance of our experienced mentors, coaches and trainers.

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Other Publications

Our other publications include KESWiN™ Guides, Writing Journals, and Authorship Resources. Become the hero of your transformative journey through writing, personal development and entrepreneurship.

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