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“Real content marketing isn’t repurposed advertising, it is making something worth talking about.”
Seth Godin

Content marketing (sharing your content through your website and online distribution channels) often gets confused with the traditional sales and marketing process.  As a result, novices and amateurs make costly mistakes when sharing their professional services, expertise and goods.  This is because they focus on using lengthy landing pages, copy written sales funnels, and other questionable persuasion tactics.

In contrast, building your authority through content marketing is similar to investing in a long term relationship.  Someone lands on your website, or your social media page.  This is similar to them walking into your place of business.  Make them feel welcome.  Be friendly.  Focus on their interests, not yours.  It’s never “All About You!”  It’s always about them.  Consequently, never be self-serving in the content you produce.

Content Marketing is the Same as Real Life

Maybe take a moment to think about real life situations.  You’ve probably been in an awkward situation meeting a stranger, who comes on too strong and too fast.  Self-serving people tend to propose marriage on blind dates.  They pitch their ground floor opportunity to everyone (it’s just a numbers game, right?).  They overshare their personal life and challenges.  Or they try to high-pressure upsell you when you’re still kicking the tyres.  As a result, they quickly lose friends and alienate everyone else.

So, your goal with sharing your content is to be helpful.  Show that you understand the reader’s problems and challenges.  Educate, inform, inspire, and entertain them.  Above all else, demonstrate you have the expertise and solutions to empower them.  Give them something to think about, to act on, and even more importantly, to share and talk about with others.

Remember when you started your writing journey?  You invest time to clarify your thoughts, ideas, and opinions. You then edit and publish them. Now it’s time to share them through proven marketing systems and channels.

1. Strategy

First of all, we develop your content marketing strategy.  We get clarity about the audience you want to help (or are already serving).  Next we create buyer personas.  Then we agree on a strategy to develop and share original, valuable, and interesting content, as well as achieve the outcomes you desire.

2. Optimising Content

Next, we optimise your content to meet the search engine and social network guidelines, as well as gel with the human visitors.  This puts the rocket fuel in your engine without applying rocket science tactic or unethical black hat SEO tricks (which actually hurt your rankings).  Our proven tools create quality content and a good user experiences.

3. Email Marketing

Finally, the best way to connect and build your authority with followers is through targeted email campaigns.  Being given someone’s email address is a privilege not to be abused – and is worth dollars, compared to pennies of a follow on social media networks.

We are your Content Marketing Strategists

“Too many marketers cobble together marketing tactics because of shiny object syndrome, chasing competitors, or simply acting on intuition.  If data about your buyers reveals their preference to use search for top of funnel discovery and then forums to flush out solution ideas, then it makes sense to use SEO and social media to be where your customers are.  If they like white papers, create them.  If they prefer events, then host them.”
—Lee Odden

Our mission at KESWiN Publishing Services is to empower you to communicate with clarity, succinctness, and the passion that burns within you.

Our team works with you to develop your content marketing strategy.  Then we work closely with you to optimise your content on your website.  Next we share updates to your social media networks and email lists.  There’s no need to game the system.  Instead, your success comes through following industry proven steps and working with it.

Therefore, if you have valuable content ideas, then contact us now.   We can help you write, edit, publish and market them as gem-quality diamonds.  Finally, we’ll design and implement your content marketing strategy for sharing them on the right platforms for interested and highly engaged audiences.

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